In my spare time I write open source software as a hobby, where I try to both learn while I program and make useful software.

My github profile: R0NAM1

SimpleCast is a WebRTC based screen casting software that is easy to install, manage and use. The server runs on Python utilizing
the AioRTC library with PyGame to make a seamless casting experience over the local LAN used, so no connecting to 'Casting TV' directly,
it's just on the network. It has the ability for anyone to cast without an online account taking advantage of PIN based authentication
so you can only cast to the receiver when you have a view of the display it's connected to. This project was created in response to
the lack of management and features on Chromecasts and other similar devices where somebody would just want to mirror their display
and nothing else. This program is not a replacement for an HDMI cable, there is no replacement for a hardwired video signal.
This project is fully working, and can be deployed on either a low cost Raspbery Pi clone or any Debian based amd64 computer.
It dosen't run well on a Raspbery Pi 3B+ from my testing (20fps at 1024x768), but Pi's are not to great on graphics anyways.
Zemond is an HTML5 Complaint Python-Flask based NVR that utilizes the Docker engine to manage cameras and ensure that even if the
web interface is not running, the Docker engine ensures they are recording and are automatically managed even if the server reboots.
It utilizes HLS M3U8 playlists to save the footage to disk with timestamps and AioRTC is used to deliver near-zero latency streams to any
clients looking at live video. There is no AI integration or record by motion detection only, although motion detection through
ONVIF is logged. This project was created after seeing many NVR solutions for 24/7 recording charge an exorbitant price for
adding a single camera license, in this program the limit is the hardware you run it on. Currently in ALPHA and not ready for
production, camera stream code needs to be rewritten and multiple other things, but it is a good base right now.
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