My name is Evan Knapp, I am an IT Specialist and I run a sole proprietorship called `E Co. Electronics`. My goal with this business is to provide the most professional

IT and Technology service I can to the Chehalis and Centralia area in Washington for places that are to small for a dedicated technology team or any individual person

that needs support with their computer or any other technology.
Experience and Knowledge
My knowledge and expertise is largely self taught and covers a large area of technology, from the individual computer you sign in on to the servers it connects to

and even the network that it goes through. I know how things in IT should work and know how to apply my knowledge based on the situation.

I learned how to apply my skills in a professional and school enviroment from my time at the Chehalis School District where I became

familiar with how IT and Technology flows in a school enviroment and how that can work with individual businesses as well. I was also the

first contact for the helpdesk at CSD where I learned to manage multiple projects and effectively troubleshoot issues remotely.
As for my credentials and certificates, I currently only possess a CompTIA A+ Certificate and I am studying for the CompTIA Network+ Certificate.

For higher education I plan on attending WGU and attaining some variation of a Technology Master's degree within the next two years,

I have not decided on a specific one yet.

I am currently in the process of acquiring buisness insurance (General Liability), I am waiting on my insurance carrier to approve my policy.
What Do I Do?
I offer a wide variety of IT and tech related services, anything you need to be done I can do. For example, I offer the following:

- Computer Help & Troubleshooting

- Software Support & Recommendations

- Internet & Internal Network Troubleshooting

- Hardware Inventory & Reporting

- Server Recommendations

- VoIP, Printer & other technology troubleshooting

- Network & Server Rack Cleanup with Documentation

- CCTV & NVR Planning with Installation

- Documentation & Exploration of existing Network Environments

- Research into Companies and Products to Deploy

- Basic Automation Scripts with Powershell, Bash & Python

- Laptop Cart Reorganization & Recableing

- And much more!
What Do I Charge?
For my services I charge a flat rate of $25 an hour, 1 hour minimum for the Chehalis / Centralia Area.

I do offer services outside of the Chehalis / Centralia Area (Olympia, Tacoma, etc...) but I also charge based on round trip miles ($0.20 per mile).

So if I have to travel 30 miles from my house to the destination, that would be (30 * 2) * 0.20 = $12, plus my hourly rate.

If you need regular or on call service I do offer contractual services for any amount of time depending on your needs.

All work to be done requires a signed agreement between you and me beforehand, no work will be done without an agreement.
How to Contact
To contact me, send me an email at evan@eco-electronics.org detailing your current issue(s), your contact information and any other relevant details.

I'll respond to you as soon as possible (Usually within 48 hours).

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